Just Want to Say Thank You!

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I am so incredibly honored to have been nominated for not one, but three blogging awards this year! Blog of the Year, the Beautiful Blogger Award, and the Liebster Award. I’m a newbie to the blogging world (with only a couple of months under my belt) and that makes the nominations taste even sweeter! With that said, I’d like to give a big thank you to preppyandfunnyHayley Kornman, and clotheswithkids for their thoughtful nominations and support! Make sure to stop by their fabulous blogs while you’re at it!

There are rules and questions to answer that go hand in hand with accepting these awards. I’d like to keep it somewhat simple and just say, if you haven’t checked out these blogs already then do so now:







Finally for the questions I was asked to answer:

Who are your fashion inspirations? 

I would have to say I’m incredibly inspired by John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. I’m a sucker for the unique, the dramatic, and the beautifully eerie.

What do you think is beautiful in a woman?


In a man?


Where would you build your dream house?

Spain or Italy (although I haven’t been to either place).

What magazine would you like to be featured in?

Any magazine!! But if I could choose I would say Vogue. Can you imagine the bragging rights?

Where are you from?

I’m from Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

What do you wear most in your closet?

Baggy black tank tops and high heels! I’m 5’10” but love wearing giant heels. They make you feel like a woman!

Do you plan ultimate wardrobes?

I plan affordable, wearable, practical wardrobes. I’m a college girl living life on a budget and I know that many of you are too!

Where do you like to shop?

I shop mostly at Forever 21, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Target. But I’m always searching for great deals!

What’s on your bucket list?

Traveling, skydiving, walking a runway, and creating an organization to help others!

What are you excited about in the new year?

Moving in with my fiancé!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! xoxo- Frivolous Fringe



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