Model Style

Have you ever noticed how models off the runway seem to share a biker chic style? Its a style all about black, leather, combat boots, and loose tops. Its simple, badass, and gorgeous. Of course it also helps that these women are models and they’d look great in anything.

xoxo- FF



  1. I literally was just talking at dinner with my friend about how regardless of leather’s tendency to be a harsher look, it is surprisingly transitional and can be used with so many different looks! Great post and any thoughts?

    1. I completely agree! Leather can be mixed with practically anything. I use it as a basic and neutral in my wardrobe! Especially since leather is very “in” right now. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch!! xo-FF

  2. The Badass look is totally sexy! Love the edgy, but I think this can be pulled off by any regular Jane. Black makes us all look like models 😉 All you need is black leather and black eyeliner! HOT!

    XOXO Nensi

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