It’s in the Bag!

Whether it’s a quilted clutch or a studded oversized satchel, bags add much needed texture and drama to every look. A great bag is an accessory worth splurging on; although it never hurts to wait till they go on sale ;] xoxo- FF



  1. -_- haha, ‘worth splurging on’. opposite of my theory, bags are the thing I spend the least on probably because I’m a drag queen…but I basically do dress up daily. I just dont get into bags. I like one silhouette, Birkin style bags, and doctor bags.

    1. I totally see your point! I don’t often purchase a new bag but my thing is if you spend a little more on a bag that you love then it can be a great piece that adds some glam to any outfit you wear. Thanks for sharing and stopping by! :] xo

      1. I mean, If I had the dough I’d buy a Birkin. They last forever so its worth it but I cant stand anyone who has a collection of designer bags, whats the point its just showing off. I dont even want a lot of bags considering I only like black and nude

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