How to: Dress Skinny!

Whether you’re working on a new years resolution to lose weight or you’re right where you want to be, I have 10 easy tips that will help you look thinner by dinner just by getting dressed!

#1. Wear clothes that fit!

It is a common misconception that loose clothing will hide your imperfections however, they only end up making you look bigger! Structured clothing such as a fitted blazer will cinch you in in all the right places giving you the shape you desire!, $80., $80.

#2. Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans

When it comes to your bottom half dark washes make you look thinner than light washes do! As far as shape, if you’re a little curvy then go for boot cut instead of a skinny jean. Boot cut will help balance out the line from your hips to your toes! Trust me, you don’t want to walk around looking like an ice cream cone, do you? (P.S. am I the only one craving ice cream now?!)., $49.99., $49.99.

#3. Spanks and Slimming Tanks

Spanks come in many styles- and while they can run a little pricey there are great less expensive brands available! However, if you do decide to purchase the real thing it will be worth the investment… Nothing really sucks you in quicker!

#4. Choose Smaller Prints

Prints are a great way to camouflage any imperfections by forcing the eye to rove! Make sure to choose smaller prints because bigger prints make you look bigger and vice versa. Prints also offer you the opportunity to add color and fun to your wardrobe, so don’t be shy!

#5. Accentuate Your Waist

Your waist is naturally the smallest part of your body and by accentuating it you can create that hourglass shape you’re looking for! Try a structured peplum top or add a belt to any blouse or dress that is lacking shape., $16., $16.

#6. Tailor It To You

When you go shopping don’t expect everything to fit and flatter you perfectly. Clothing is mass produced for the “average” person, and I don’t know about you but my body doesn’t look just like everyone else’s! I am 5’10” and a size 4 and have an extremely difficult time finding pants that are affordable and long enough! By having your clothing tailored you guarantee a fit that is perfect for you! And as we discussed in rule #1, fit is everything!

#7. Side Panel Dresses 

Side paneled dresses are extremely flattering because they give the illusion that you are smaller than you actually are. The dark side panels visually “cut away” from your figure leaving you looking slimmer., $39., $39.

#8. Pump it Up!

Pumps and high heels not only lengthen your legs but they push up your bum, and make you look slimmer! When choosing your heels you’ll want to select a pump of the flesh toned variety- they will add inches to your legs! Also, avoid ankle straps that will only chop up your silouhette. Remember, it’s all about lengthening and creating stream lines!, $49., $49.

#9. Cover Trouble Spots

If you find you are self conscious about your arms then throw a cardigan over your blouse! By wearing a 3/4 length sleeve that doesn’t hit your arm at it’s widest part you can feel less self conscious and more confident!

#10. Or the most important rule of all… Be Confident!

No matter what size you are now or what size you want to be, you have to learn to love yourself and be confident in your own skin! By dressing the body you have now to it’s fullest potential you will feel 10x more confident and maybe even stop focusing on your thighs that touch (I know mine do!!) or those last 10lbs.

xoxo- Frivolous Fringe



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