Me, Myself and Mine

Hi all! Occasionally I like to share a little peek at myself and my closet with you! The photo below is a casual look of mine; corduroy pants, white blouse, sheer scarf and gold accented jewelry! A comfy look that was perfect for all the errands I had to run.


When I feel like dressing up these are one of my favorite pairs of heels to wear! I love the lattice design and the wedge makes it a little easier to walk… a little.

Lattice Wedge Heels
Lattice Wedge Heels

Finally, some of you have heard me mention that I am in fact engaged! I thought it would only be fair to share a photo of my ring with you all. This picture was taken the morning after he proposed… we were enjoying the Las Vegas sunshine and a dip in the Mandalay Bay wave pool!

My Ring
My Ring

Take care! xoxo- FF



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