Thankful Thursday

There are some exciting things happening in my life- leaving me feeling incredibly thankful this Thursday morning! I recently signed with a top modeling agency in Seattle, which has been a life long dream of mine. They asked me to cut my hair and I happily obliged- chopping off about eight inches from my mane! (I haven’t had my hair this short for over ten years!) But I’ve definitely learned that dreams don’t work unless you do.

Another dream of mine is about to come true on August 4th; I will be skydiving with my Dad and sister as a way to celebrate my 23rd birthday 🙂 Not sure how I will ever be able to top jumping out of a plane?!

I’m just excited to soak in these next few weeks, keep up the hard work, and find out what else life has in store!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?! I’d love to hear!

xoxo- Frivolous Fringe



  1. Congrats on the modeling job. Best of luck! So you live in Seattle? I was just recently there. Wish our fashion blog paths had crossed sooner. (thanks for liking my post). Btw, your haircut looks great. Really brings out your eyes.

    1. Yes! I’m a Seattle native 🙂 How did you like it here? I wish our blogging paths had crossed sooner too, but I’m glad you found me now! Thank you so much for the kind words. xo

      1. I enjoyed Seattle for the most part. We stayed at The Hotel Monaco downtown on 4th St. We took in the newly installed feris wheel, so cute. We did the tourist thing, fish market, gum alley, original starbucks, olympic sculpture park, the needle, bruce & brandon lee’s grave & the aviation museum. However I wasn’t impressed w/the night life. The ppl at the hotel desk said it was the area we were staying in so we ventured over to Bell Town & that’s when we had fun. When observing ppl (girls) on the street I was surprised there was no color or style taking place. Imagine my surprise when I was by the mall/shopping center & I stumbled upon ALLSAINTS. I was also surprised & elated to come across your blog. Clearly you have style. Rock on woman!

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