8 Types of Friends Every Gal Needs

As our lives become more stressful- and our schedules more full- it can be hard to make quality time for our friends. However, research shows that friendships contribute greatly to our health and well being. Here are 8 types of friends that every woman should have!

1. The Intelligent Mentor

This girl is smart, practical, and you can count on her for great advice. She has your best interests at heart and she’s more than happy to share her wisdom with you. 

2. The Comedian

This girl’s spontaneous and fun. She is the one you call when you need a pick-me-up and want to laugh your stresses away! 

3. The Travel Buddy

This friend is adventurous and has caught the travel bug! If you want to try something new or go some place that you’ve never been- this is the girl you call. Someone wise once said that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. 

4. The Trustworthy Pal

We all need that friend who knows how to keep a secret. This friend is supportive and you can trust that she’ll be there for you in a time of need- without judgement.

5. The Old Friend

This is the friend you’ve had for years. They’ve been there through thick n’ thin as a witness to the good and the bad. Hanging out with them feels comfortable and familiar- like an old favorite sweater! 

6. The Foodie

This friend knows where all the great cafes, restaurants and markets are and is down to try them all! 

7. The Workout Buddy

After indulging in some amazing eats you need a friend who wants to hit the gym! She helps motivate you to workout while turning that gym time into quality time. Together you can keep your workouts fresh and fun! 

8. The Fashionista

This gal has her finger on the pulse! Come Friday night you always ask to raid her closet and let her plan both of your outfits.

xoxo- Frivolous Fringe

Credits: http://www.pinterest.com , http://www.self.com



  1. Reblogged this on thefunniesandlife and commented:
    I love this post, especially because friendship has been a big subject for a month now; losing, gaining and then re-assessing. Its a quick and fun read. You’ll thank me later.
    xoxo TheFunniesAndLLife

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