Feeling Kind of Popular

Wearing a hat that boldly states “Popular” across the front may seem a little presumptuous… But read Popular Demand’s “about” page:

“We founded Popular Demand to appeal to the risk takers and the rule breakers, the trendsetters and the leaders, and for those who work hard and play even harder. We put the same passion into our product that you put into your craft. When you wear our clothes, you wear that passion, that grind, that drive, that life. We do it our way. That’s the spirit of rebellious leadership.”

This brand isn’t something I’d typically wear- but I had fun rocking my rebellious little hat! My boyfriend purchased an awesome Popular sweatshirt with an indian chief on it- and the sweatpants look so comfy that I might just have to get myself a pair!

If you’d like to shop my look…

Popular Hat, $29.99 Popular Demand Brand

Crop Top, $6 Forever 21

Gold Chain, $15 Zumiez

Photo Credits: Popular Demand, Gunner Thind (my boss, for getting me the hat! :] ) 



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