The Best & Worst Fashion Trends of 2013

2013 brought us an array of fashion trends- some of which we’d love to take with us to the new year- and others should be left behind with 2013! Here’s a look back at some of the best and worst trends 2013 had to offer:

A look at the Worst…

1. The Over-Contoured Face

When did we start needing to look so perfect?! If you have to literally paint on your face every morning- it’s a safe bet that you’re probably trying too hard… Do yourself a favor and buy some BB cream, hit snooze, and get that extra 30 minutes of sleep your body’s been craving. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

2. Seriously Tacky Nail Art

At first nail art was a fun little way to show off your personality- but lets be honest, it’s gotten way out of hand! Ladies, if you’re over the age of 10- please stop painting ice cream cones & Easter bunnies on your nails.

3. Giant Sock Buns 

Is that a bagel on her head?? Not sure… but I’m kind of hungry now!

4. Drop Crotch Pants

My first thought was, okayyy… are her legs only 3 inches long?!? How does she walk… Maybe her tiny legs won’t let her get to the bathroom in time so she rocks a diaper… Or maybe she’s getting fashion advice from the man with the giant scrotal tumor!


5. Wedge Sneakers 

The dressy sneaker had it’s moment- but that moment is over… Velcro and giant plastic soles screams “orthopedic” not sexy. Lets leave this trend to retire with the geriatric community.

6. Music Festival Attire 

The Woodstock revival has been in full force with festivals such as Coachella becoming more about the fashion than the music. We get it… “You’re a flower child! You’re so care free! You’re so hip! You love indie bands!” You’re so… contrived.

7. The Mullet Dress

Party in the front- business in the back! There’s a reason why the mullet went out of style… You’ll look much more modern in the new year if you just pick a length and stick to it.

8. The 90’s Revival 

Crushed velvet, acid wash, Doc Martens…. We already lived through it once. Let’s let the 90’s rest in peace now.

Trends we want to take with us to 2014…

1. Ombre

Soft and pretty ombre. We’re just not ready to part with this trend…

2. Boyfriend Jeans

Bf Jeans are too chic and too comfortable to leave in 2013.

3. Black and White

Black and white was a huge trend this year- But it’s truly a timeless combo.

4. Booties!

Booties are versatile, comfortable, and frankly- God’s gift to women’s feet!

5. Plaid

Plaid and tartan were everywhere this fall and we’re not quite ready to let this trend go!

Happy New Year everyone!!! See you in 2014 🙂



      1. Yeah I get what you mean – the only time I wear it is for occasions, going out and such. For everyday I rock a messy bun.

  1. Ha you nailed everything on this list, perfect! I must admit though, I do have a pair of acid wash jeans, total guilty pleasure. I cannot give them up.

    xx Alison

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