What I Wore In the Minnesota Snow

I had a wonderful Christmas break with my love and his family in Minnesota. If you’ve never been to Minnesota during the winter months then you don’t know what cold feels like. Haha the snow sure is pretty though!

Want to shop my look?

Ripped Jeans $58, Asos

Sweater $20, Nordstrom Rack

Jacket (originally $350) $52, Nordstrom Rack

Beanie $10, JC Penney

Heels (a gift from my brother in law, Kyle) $50, DSW



  1. So cute! You might not be getting the right stats because WordPress isn’t taking us straight to your page. I saw that a few bloggers have found out how to make it take the readers straight to their pages so if you figure it out please let me know. Just wanted to give you a heads up because your views probably aren’t matching your visitors!

      1. I did! I think I made mine so that it only shows a paragraph or so and then says “This blog does not allow this post to be viewed fully. Click the link to view original” or something like that. You have to go to your dashboard. Go to settings. It might be in general or reading. It will say something like “only show summary” click that box. Let me know when you do and I can check and see if your post is still able to be viewed in the small pop up window instead of as an original.

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