Style Crush of the Week: Jessica Stein of Tuula


If you love fashion and dream of traveling to far off places- then this is the blog for you. Our style crush of the week is Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage!  Her blog combines beautiful fashion with amazing travel photography of her adventures across the globe. Take a look for yourself!

Jessica started her blog after being encouraged by friends to share her travel photos from her trip across Europe. A wanderer at heart- even the name of her blog was inspired by this endearing trait: “I had someone in Switzerland tell me that my name should be ‘tuula’ as it’s the Finnish word for wind, and I go with the wind,” she says. Please check out her amazing website Tuula Vintage – if you’re not inspired to purchase a plane ticket to a foreign place you’ll certainly be inspired to go shopping 🙂

Photo Credits: Tuula- Jessica Stein



  1. Checked her out and now following. Great post! I love the fact that she’s a hopeless wanderer (like me) but is able to maintain a fashion sense (something I have no clue about!).

  2. Agree with the comments below. She is gorgeous! I’m now both jealous and in dire need of a holiday (and a leg extension) x

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