Embrace Your Personal Style Campaign

Red Envelope asked me to share the pieces in my closet that express my personal style- whether they fit in with current trends or not- as part of their Embrace Your Personal Style Campaign!

I’m definitely someone that enjoys trying new trends- it’s part of the fun when it comes to fashion! However, at the heart of my style is sensibility, a little bit of tomboy, and a hint of sex appeal. I love pairing casual boyfriend jeans with a great pair of heels… a crop top with an oversized sweater… boyish booties with leather pants. These combinations leave me feeling stylish, yet effortless and authentic!

As much as I love dressing up in the latest trends it’s more realistic for my everyday attire to be more casual- I live in the Pacific Northwest after all, not NYC. And while I do believe that your style should be ever-evolving, I feel that these pieces do a good job of expressing my current personal style:

Sexy lace bralette, lace-up stilettos- NastyGal & DSW

Simple gold everyday jewelry- Urban Outfitters & Nordstrom

Amazing jacket I got on sale- ($52 marked down from $350) The Rack

My favorite booties and leather skinnies- The Rack & Paige Denim 

Cropped Tee, DIY shorts, oversized sweater- Thrift shops & Various places

Gorgeous silver statement necklace- NastyGal

As a fashion blogger, I know how tempting it can be to copy exactly what you see in a street style photo… and the pressure you feel to buy those designer shoes you see all the top fashion bloggers wearing. But the best way to build a wardrobe that won’t go out of style is to buy pieces that truly express your personal style and embrace your most authentic you.

#RedStyle: Embrace Your Personal Style

Set your style free- be frivolous & be yourself 



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