Birkenstocks Are Back!

Like it or not- this hippie loving, 90’s grunge, laid-back sandal has made a comeback! Ugly? –perhaps. Comfortable? –heck yes! With a squishy cork sole and thick buckle straps they may be the most wearable sandals yet. There is a formula to follow however, if you want your Birkenstocks to appear chic! Purchase a pair that has a stream-lined and minimalistic look- (we suggest patent leather) an old pair can easily look too hippie-esque! And if you don’t feel like making the Birkenstock investment there are alternative brands that will give you the same effect.








What do you think about the Birkenstock revival? Will you be participating this time around?



  1. I love that it’s coming back! I remember my Nana buying my first pair because it felt so good on my feet (ballet). This was way before the Doc Martens trend too which is starting to show up as well. My faves were everything below and starting with the white pants/white birkens (I’ve called them that since I was a kid lol). Big fan of your site, just ❀ it! xo Lola

    1. Thank you so much Lola!! I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. I imagine after a ballet class Birkenstocks would feel pretty amazing on your feet! I definitely am glad to see this trend coming back as well. xo

  2. LIke this trendy too. I think ladies that wear them are really sexy.. it shows some attitude. The ones that I’ve seen come in white, or black. So it’s easy to match with anything… In this post I love the girl rocking with a black dress. πŸ™‚

  3. Great post! Birdenstocks have always been very comfortable but I think this new black version of Birkenstocks also looks great. Somehow they make the leg thin and elegant . Thanks for sharing. Sara

  4. I would definitely try the latest reincarnations in all-black (like on that last photo). It’s so much about attitude and is definitely not sloppy πŸ™‚ Now off to find some cool pairs!

  5. I hope that I can grow fond of this trend so far..I’m not digging it. It looks nice on these models, but I can’t picture myself wearing it. How would you suggest wearing this trend?

  6. Love your post! I like that you can dress birks up and down! Just found the black ones for a great deal at Notdstrom Rack, if anyone has one nearby def check there!

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