Her Eyes Were Violet Grey

I recently had the pleasure of attending a fashion conference held by Lucky magazine in Beverly Hills. Among the talented list of speakers was the very interesting and creative Cassandra Grey- wife to Paramount’s Brad Grey. Cassandra was joined by her dear friend, actress January Jones, to speak about her latest project; an affordable luxury beauty shop titled Violet Grey.

“I’m in love with the idea of old Hollywood glamour and to me Elizabeth Taylor is so iconic of that time- a true movie star. They used to say that Elizabeth’s eyes were violet- some even said they were violet grey. So when I started building this beauty business in my mind I felt it was the perfect fit- (with my last name being Grey and all) to call it Violet Grey.” -Cassandra Grey

The website features Hollywood worthy makeup products that are actually affordable. The brands they carry range from Dior to Nars- and all must meet the “Violet Code”: Authentic, Validated, and Coveted. Cassandra explains, “I’ve always been interested in the teams that make a movie star… I want to bring light to how important these brands are to Hollywood.” That is why each brand she selects must be authentic– found in makeup artists’ kits, validated– tested for performance and packaging by the Violet Grey community, and coveted– declared necessary by influential names in the beauty and film industry.

Mad Men actress January Jones lent her modeling talents to the brand- you can find her Violet File featured on their website!




Violet Grey isn’t for everyone in the way that Ulta and Sephora are- it’s more the place you’d go to buy the perfect shade of lipstick or to splurge on an amazing moisturizer. These products are meant to feel special and give you an experience of luxury. I would encourage you to check it out- whether you visit the Violet Grey website or stop by their store on Melrose Place!

“Beauty will never go out of business- it’s the business of self-esteem! There’s no ceiling there.” -Cassandra Grey



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