15 Signs You’re a Basic B!@#$

Do you own a diverse collection of Bath & Body Works’ scented candles?… Is your favorite coffee house Starbucks?… Do you have a piece of artwork in your home that reads: “Live. Laugh. Love.”?

If you answered yes to these questions- then you’re at risk of being a basic b!@#$ What is a basic bitch you might ask? It can be difficult to pin point because unlike the “Bad Bitch” or the “Boss Bitch” this bitch has an indistinguishable blandness. It’s someone without a sense of self- they are main-stream and unaware. In other words they like what they believe they’re supposed to like. If you’re still not sure where you fall on the basic-ness scale, I’ve comprised a list that should help:

1. Your favorite thing about fall is the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) at Starbucks

2. Your apartment is full of words- picture frames that say “Friends”, pillows that say “Love”

3. You live in yoga pants- and you love them even more when paired with Ugg boots

4. You’re a huge Katy Perry fan- and a fan of anyone on popular radio

5. Your celebrity crush is Channing Tatum

6. Your favorite movie is The Notebook

7. You regularly get your nails done- and insist on a full set with hot pink tips

8. Your drink of choice is a Skinny Girl cocktail

9. Your hashtags are, well… basic. #summer

10. You regularly post “inspirational” Marilyn Monroe quotes to your twitter feed

11. Exercise means barre or yoga. Any class with your ladies and mimosas afterward.

12. You own something that says “Keep Calm and ___”

13. Your favorite shows are Friends and Sex in the City

14. You are freaking out about the Gilmore Girls reunion

15. You love to bake. Especially any of the Tasty recipes from your Facebook feed.

If you reached the bottom of this list only to discover you’re in fact basic, don’t worry, you’re in the company of many. But let’s be honest- in order to go round the world needs some basic bitches.



  1. I hate that we put yoga into this type of category like it’s a bad thing. Yoga is a means of meditation and therefore necessary to calm the spirit and mind and can take you places that unite you with the world. Just saying. Anyway the rest are funny. I guess what I’m saying is people take a lot of things that are essential and give it no meaning by making it seem that way.

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