Exploring Big Sur, CA

I keep promising to get back in a rhythm of consistent blogging. I think a good place to start would be catching you up on all of the beautiful, interesting, and even painful experiences that have taken place in the past few months.

My Birthday: In July I turned 25. I wasn’t looking forward to my quarter century birthday… 24 was an incredible year and parting with it was bittersweet. It ended up being the most memorable birthday I’ve had yet. My generous and amazing boyfriend Joel blessed me with a birthday weekend for the books! It included: seeing my idol Anthony Bourdain, spending 12 hours in Vegas at a pool party DJ’d by Zedd, jumping off of the Stratosphere Sky Jump, and a beautiful Nikon camera (to capture our future adventures).

But then I hit a bump in the road (or the lake rather)… and broke my collarbone. My boyfriend’s family does an annual vacation in Idaho and I was so excited when I was asked to join! On our first night we attended the local music festival and danced all night to Ziggy Marley’s Rasta tunes. We had the best time! The next morning we jumped on a boat with family and friends. I think the sun and white wine clouded my judgment, because suddenly I was driving the boat. All I can say is NEVER LET GO OF THE WHEEL. Even if that means jeopardizing your reenactment of the iconic Titanic scene where Jack & Rose stand with their arms expanded at the front of the boat…… A couple of hours later I was hopped up on pain pills and given this disturbing but dare I say impressive X-Ray of my clavicle. My boyfriend has taken exceptional care of me through the hospital visits, hydrocodone delusions, and first of the two surgeries required to repair my collarbone. It’s okay though- I have a cool scar and an even better story. And by the way I’m a total badass… I didn’t even cry! 🙂

So while repairing… I figured I might as well head to the city that’s stealing my heart- San Francisco. It also happens to be where my man lives! (coincidence?) We had a fabulous night reuniting with one of my favorite people I met while attending San Diego State. Then the next day Joel and I left the city for some R&R. We spent the weekend exploring… Lunching in Stanford, hiking in Big Sur, beach going in Carmel by the Sea. It’s really a shame he drags me to such hideous places 😉

Did I mention… I got my first place! Located in beautiful Queen Anne, my little apartment (although lacking furniture) has brought me so much joy! Check out my view… that’s Mt. Rainier behind the Seattle city skyline! And if you look through my window in the other direction you’ll see lake union, the university bridge, sail boats, sea planes, etc. I think my coffee mug says it best: Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. 

I still believe the best is yet to come… So stay tuned for more adventures!